Year-End Menus Platters Traditional and Split Braais Canteen and Outdoor Catering Cakes Pastries and Desserts Pre-packed Meals

Year-End Menus

Our new year-end menus

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A selection of platters, for all occasion.

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Traditional & Spit Braais

Complete your event with our traditional and spit braais to feed the masses

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Canteen & Outdoor Catering

We provide a canteen for your events, including waiters and staff

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Cakes, Pastries & Desserts

A fantastic range of sweets and desserts freshly baked for any event

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Pre-Packed Meals

We provide a range of pre-packed meals

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Training Meals

Catering services for training events

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Catering for all events

Our unique catering services cater to all events

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About Delightful Caterers

Delightful Caterers is a dynamic business based in Johannesburg. Delightful Caterers started in 2002. Our passion and experience for catering grew from a Home Industry to a catering company.

We offer a personal touch. The owner has a hands-on approach and adapts to the events she caters to. We are a professional and national based catering company.
We mix modern and traditional styles to cook up food for every occasion.
We have quality food and service. We offer flexible menu options to fit your tastes, vision and budget.

A delicate blend of spices, good wholesome products are used, with emphasis on quality and freshness. We prepare comfort food with love. We are passionate about food, homemade food with a twist.
We committed to the distribution of good quality meals and timeous delivery.

We are dedicated to the uplifting of the socio economic by hiring within the community.
Delightful Caterers is being a catalyst by providing our left-over Food to the community to eliminate hunger.

We pride ourselves in our efficiency and the quality of our work.

Our Secret Ingredients to our business, Love and Passion!



We cater to all events: weddings; birthday and anniversary parties; special events; conferences; large meetings.

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